Kerry Broomhead-Brown

Philosophy and History

My art work is very diverse. I don’t center on fashion or political propaganda but let loose the flow of my imagination. Imagination is broad, ideas infinite and experiences wide…
I feel a free flow of art/creative energy is necessary as a stable force in a modern world. Art is a visual experience, but there is a meaning beyond the visual;  love, care, compassion, tranquility and mindfulness are just some of the feelings expressed within my art work.

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My name Kerry Broomhead-Brown comes from both my mothers maiden name and my father’s surname.

I was born in Ripon,Yorkshire, England.  My father was in the Royal Air Force, so as a family we travelled widely and as an adult my journeys continued until l settled in the Netherlands  eventually obtaining dual nationality.

On my travels over the years I studied many subjects at various school and colleges. l passed all my exams  eventually becoming a qualified artist but also obtaining university level in many other subjects.

My art work and interests are very diverse, for example my interest in mathmatics is sometimes  reflected in my art work, this has led me into being interested in how various things are constructed mechanically and structually.

I paint in acrylics and oils, and use various materials such as clay, wood and sometimes metal.

Painting to me is very medative. I am also writing and illustrating a poetry book.

I am also kean to try and keep fit at De Cirkel keep fit centre in Rheden where l undertake various types of lessons from Yoga to spinning and so on.

Your most welcome to Phone me and visit the two areas where l exhibit.


A Drop of Thought

Not binding myself to the afflictive thoughts and actions of the world,

which can defeat altruistic love and progression, makes me feel that

if we create (in any way) from the darker side of our thoughts we only

add to that negative energy.

Like a dark snake crossing the pure still waters of life producing

distorted ripples.  To capture and train those distorted thoughts

is to try and transcend the negative, which would benefit one and

all…..taking us away from the pull of the illusionary and destructive.

The nearer our attitude steps towards compassionate

loving emotions and actions, the closer we are to being

at one with ourselves and others, releasing true and creative

energy and enlightened action.

Each step, each action on that path is relevant.


Light within

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